Nike - Happy couple

Chapter 1

Title: Unfaithful
Authors: Katie ([info]xblacksatinlace) and Renee ([info]prettyzombiegrl)
Rating: The story will most likely range somewhere between PG-13 and R
Pairing: Nikki/Isaac, Nikki/???
Word count: 1901
Info: We are using "Unfaithful" by Rihanna as the inspiration behind this story. The lyrics and music video can be found here.
Author Notes: We are our own editors and any mistakes are our own.  This story is purely fiction created for the amusement of whomever reads it.   We are not affiliated with Hanson or 3CG Records.  The characters are created from our imaginations. The events described in the story are not real; they are complete fabrications of the authors.
Additionally, this story contains events OF A SEXUAL NATURE. THIS IS YOUR WARNING.
Summary: Nikki and Isaac have recently got married but Nikki feels empty inside as if there is something missing. She is lonely and turns to someone else to quench her burning desires. Zac and Taylor were never married nor do they have kids."

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